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See What Others Have to Say About QuizTarget

Wow! Very Powerful, Easy to Use and 100% Newbie Friendly Software

I’ve used QuizTarget and I must say it’s really impressive! QuizTarget is loaded with powerful features which helped me grab hot leads. At the same time, it’s very easy to use. All you have to do is select a Quiz template, make a few changes as per your needs and hit the publish button. That’s it! Highly recommended.


Lou Hornberger

Ignorant Industries

QuizTarget is a Goldmine for Marketers…

As a marketer it’s always a challenge to grab the customer attention. We were looking for a solution to deal with this challenge & that’s when we came across an Innovative Approach which involves Quizzing to engage Audience. Tried QuizTarget for two week & results were encouraging. Got massive lift in Leads & Conversions. Highly Recommended!


Siddharth Jadhav

General Manager, Top Advertising MNC

QuizTarget gives you everything you need to build your list and make sales fast…

… and works for any niche or offer!


More Leads

Embed on any site to start capturing leads now!


More Traffic

People love taking quizzes and sharing the results with their friends!


More Optins

Quizzes are proven to boost optins up to 78%!


More Sales

Show targeted offers based on people’s answers and watch your sales explode!

The Easiest, Most Powerful
and Affordable Quiz Maker
at your Fingertips!

  • 10 Pro Templates
  • DFY Quiz Campaigns
  • Quiz Mindmap Designer
  • Quiz Engagement Boosters
  • Create any type of quiz you can imagine
  • Embed on any website
  • Auto generates quiz landing pages
  • Make more for yourself from ads, offers and more, right inside your quiz!
  • Segment your leads
  • Split test quizzes
  • Auto viral sharing
  • Detailed reporting
Commercial License Included!

And so much more!

One Time Investment | No Monthly Fees

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Fully Mac OS & PC Compatible


Building Your List And Making Sales Has Never Been Easier!

  • No need to give away free content that nobody wants to read!
  • No need to spend tons of bucks on webinars that people don’t register for!
  • No need to offer lead magnets that don’t boost optins

It has been proven over and over again that quizzes are now the most powerful way to build your email list, in any niche!

Not just any list, but a highly engaged list that will buy from you like crazy!

Hey, Harshal here from Rack InfoTech…

Over the past 14 years, Me and My Team have created marketing softwares that has helped 40,732 marketers/entrepreneurs like you to get massive leads, sales and grow online.

We’ve been affiliates, product creators, service providers, website owners…

… and spent thousands of dollars figuring out the best way to build lists and grow business online.

The Moment We Started Using Quizzes, The Results BLEW OUR MINDS!

And it’s not just us. Look at these insane results…

A Well-known Medical Clinic in the USA created a hormone imbalance quiz, bringing in 947 new leads, 30 consultations and 15 new patients, banking them $18,000 in sales in 6 weeks!
Healthcare Company grew their local email list by 1,600 subscribers per month, got 40-60 new consultation requests, and turned 57% of them into new clients worth $1200 per year!
Top Personal Care Brand created a quiz called, “What’s Your Skin Score?” that pulled in $200,000 in new sales and boosted their email list by 20,258 people in just 2 months.
Leading Clothing Brand used a number of fun quizzes to pull in 35,752 leads and double their sales in just 3 weeks.

Now You Can Build Your Own Lead Generation Quizzes Too!

One Time Investment | No Monthly Fees


Just Look At These Shocking Quiz Stats!

  • Studies show 90% of the most shared Facebook posts are quizzes!
  • The average quiz has a 78.4% optin rate!
  • The average quiz is shared nearly 2,000 times!
  • 82% of people engage with quizzes they see in their newsfeed!
  • According to Forbes, the demand for interactive content such as quizzes will continue to grow!

Why do quizzes work so well?

Because they ENGAGE people like nothing else can…


E.g. Which landing page would engage you more?

That’s right… you’d respond to the QUIZZES every time! Why?

  • 1 People want targeted solutions…
  • 2 People love learning about themselves…


When people take your quizzes, they’re giving you
GOLDEN info that can help you PITCH the best suitable offer!

You’re not getting just names and emails anymore.

You’re getting PROFITABLE data… like how they feel, what their problems are, what type of person they are… and tons more info from their answers.

Which means you can create targeted offers that GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT…

… and YOU get more CONVERSIONS leading to your business growth!

No wonder the Top Brands & Marketers are
using Quizzes to Generate Hot Leads Today!

In fact, If you’re NOT using quizzes you’re getting left behind!


Quizzes are hard to create!

Three Reasons…


It’s expensive.

Can you afford to spend hundreds on quiz makers, or hiring experts? No way!


It’s complicated.

Most quiz makers are confusing as hell. You’ll end up wasting hours in creating your Quiz Campaigns.


It’s difficult.

Framing questions for your Quiz Campaign is a brainstorming task. If your questions are not engaging enough then people will bounce off. And you’ll end up wasting your time, money and efforts.

What if there was another option?

Now there is! It’s called…

  • Creates Lead Generating PRO Quizzes In A Few Easy Clicks!
  • Saves Your Valuable Resources such as Time, Biz Capital and Efforts
  • Gets You Highly Qualified LEADS at Lower Costs!

Point and Click Simple

Deploy your lead generation quiz campaign is just a few clicks. Our newbie friendly quiz builder allows create super engaging viral lead gen quizzes in just 3 easy steps.

Make Any Kind Of Quiz

No matter what type of quizzes you want to create, you can do that! From Video Quizzes to Multimedia Quizzes to Viral Polls to more, there are plenty of options!

Insanely Affordable

The most advanced lead generation app comes at an affordable prize that won’t pinch your pockets. The small price that you invest today will get you good ROI on your marketing spends!

Built For Marketers

The Quiz Builder has been designed keeping the versatile needs of marketers. You won’t need to look at any other software to generate leads for your business anymore.

See How Easily You Can Create A
List-Building, Lead Generating PRO Quiz In Minutes!

Here’s how you can PROFIT FAST with QuizTarget:


Easy Affiliate Paychecks!

Share your quiz on social media to start building a highly engaged list in any niche, and show targeted affiliate offers based on their answers!

Start Your Online Lead Generation Biz From Hungry Clients!

Help biz owners build their lists faster and cheaper than ever before, while collecting easy paycheques for just minutes of your time!


Start Your Online Lead Generation Biz From Hungry Clients!

Help biz owners build their lists faster and cheaper than ever before, while collecting easy paycheques for just minutes of your time!


Sell Super-Hot Leads!

Biz owners are desperate for TARGETED leads. Now you can capture those targeted leads on social media or your own lead gen site and sell them to biz owners all day long!

Launch your own products!

Build a highly engaged list for your next launch. Watch people share your quiz and make your launch go viral, for free!


Launch your own products!

Build a highly engaged list for your next launch. Watch people share your quiz and make your launch go viral, for free!


Collect easy advertising revenue!

Make more out of paid ads on your quiz pages, so you get paid even if you don’t have anything to sell. You can also drop in affiliate offers too!

One Time Investment | No Monthly Fees

(Get Access to QuizTarget Bundle for a Limited Time)

Fully Mac OS & PC Compatible


What Others Say About Us

3,782 leads in just 2 weeks… Highly recommended!

“QuizTarget is simply incredible and I am highly impressed with the ease it helped me create quizzes, place on my website and generate leads. Its easy drag and drop editor and vast library of done for you quiz campaigns is so amazing and very easy to use. I managed to launch my 1st quiz lead generation campaign in just a few minute, which instantly went viral and helped get 3,782 qualified leads for my Online Cooking Course in just 2 weeks. Highly Recommended! “


Food Blogger & Course Creator

…a massive 118% growth in sales conversions for my E-Commerce business.

“Getting buyer traffic, generating leads online and boosting conversions have been really difficult for my e-commerce business. I had been investing tons of resources without any success. But, thanks to QuizTarget! Now I am able to generate hot leads and getting sales without wasting any of my resources like time, efforts and capital. My sales conversion really went up to 118% using QuizTarget’s logic branching lead generation quizzes.“

David A.


Check Out These Case Studies

Case Study #1

81% Increase in Leads & $2400+ in Affiliate Income Using Quizzes

VMavericks is a Digital Marketing Agency. They wanted to get more leads and boost their affiliate income via blog section.

QuizTarget Software helped them to publish a Done-For-You Logic Branching Quiz on one of their blog article which about “Top Video Marketing Tools.” Through this Quiz Campaign, they asked questions about “What Video Marketing Tool is Best for You?” This way, they recommended the best suitable video marketing software on Quiz End Result Screen.

And the best part, with Dynamic Quiz Logic Branching feature they were able to recommend personalized product to each Quiz taker based on to their Quiz responses.

The results were shocking! This Quiz Technique not only helped VMavericks to boost Leads by 81.33% but even fetched them an Affiliate Income of $2400+ in just 1 week.




Case Study #2

… Generated 9,831 Leads Using Poll-based Video Quizzes!

Foodistan Foodies is a food blog which publishes food recipe articles and videos.

Foodistan Foodies wanted to monetize their blog and for that purpose they wanted to generate leads using their blog.

They used our QuizTarget tool to create an engaging Video Quiz. The Quiz was a Poll-based one – “Watch This Turkish Food Tour Video & Select Which Turkish Food You'd Love to Try First?”

Through this Quiz Campaign, users were asked to take this Quiz and help themselves grab a chance to win a Free Copy of Turkish Cook Book.

The result was overwhelming! It helped Foodistan Foodies generate whopping 9,831 Leads via Video Quizzes. Later they promoted their Food Cooking Course to these Hot Leads which Converted at 68%.




Most quiz makers are a waste of time…

  • They cost hundreds of dollars
  • They suck you into monthly fees
  • They’re complicated and require creativity
  • They take ages to set up and master
  • Or they just don’t work at all!

Until now, nothing has come close to the power of
QuizTarget - the ultimate shortcut to creating viral list-building, PRO
quizzes in just seconds from now!

Done For You Quiz Campaigns

Not sure what questions to ask, or in what order to place your quizzes in front of your target audience?

Don't worry!

Just select any Quiz from our huge library of Done-For-You Quiz Campaigns as per your niche and hit the Publish Button to instantly create a Quiz that’s proven to convert visitors into customers!

Easy Quiz Customization


Quiz Mindmap Designer

Drag & drop elements help you map out your quiz before you build it. Visualize your entire Quiz Flow Sequence with a birds-eye view. Save your Quiz Maps in the cloud.

Perfect For Client Work!


Design Custom Forms

Create eyeball grabbing opt-in forms that get the info you need from your leads.Choose your own layout, look and feel, customize the CTAs, and even add different images, frames or colors!

Awesome For Boosting ROI And Building Your List Faster!


Add your own logo

Brand any quiz template with your own logo in a couple of clicks.

Essential For Serious Players!


Drag-and-Drop Quiz Builder

Add backgrounds, images, videos, frames, borders and heaps more from our huge graphics library!

Great For Non-Techies!

It's So Easy To Get Started!

Follow Just 3 Easy Steps - And Your Lead Generation Quiz Campaign Goes Live...


Choose a template


Customize it


Share it

Then sit back and watch as people start taking your quiz, giving you their emails, buying your stuff and sharing your quiz with their friends!

Create Any Type Of Quiz You Need
In Just A Few Clicks


Funnel Quizzes

Show your audience specific questions, offers, affiliate links, content and more, based on their answers!

Sales Quizzes

Turn your quiz into a “virtual sales rep” that asks all the right questions and presents people with the solution that’s right for them.


Sales Quizzes

Turn your quiz into a “virtual sales rep” that asks all the right questions and presents people with the solution that’s right for them.


Lead Gen Quizzes

Ask a number of questions and capture emails before showing the user’s results. Or capture their email at the start, middle, end or after any question you like!

Feedback Quizzes

Find out what your customers really think about your stuff, or run surveys for your paying clients instead.


Feedback Quizzes

Find out what your customers really think about your stuff, or run surveys for your paying clients instead.


Market Research Quizzes

Gather golden intel on your market by asking them questions about what they like, hate and need help with. QuizTarget makes these quizzes fun and engaging so they want to participate!

Prelaunch Quizzes

Build a massive prelaunch list and keep them engaged with additional quizzes during your launch. Based on their answers, you can show targeted content or different product offers and watch your sales blow up on launch day!


Prelaunch Quizzes

Build a massive prelaunch list and keep them engaged with additional quizzes during your launch. Based on their answers, you can show targeted content or different product offers and watch your sales blow up on launch day!

Whatever type of quiz you can imagine…
QuizTarget will create it in seconds!


Multiple Choice Questions


True or False


Fill in the Blanks




Multimedia Quizzes (Image/ Audio/ Video/ GIF)

Now you can create a quiz for any situation, audience or niche…
faster, easier and more affordably than ever before!

Boost Your Optins, Quiz Completion Rates And Sales With These Powerful “Growth Amplifiers” Inside Your Dashboard…

Editable Call To Actions
Transition Effects
Custom Headers And Footers
Backing Music
Background Images

All designed to boost quiz engagement and bring you the sales you deserve! And, all available from our FREE built-in media library!

Got your own media? You can add that too!

Your Quiz Will Look Awesome And Work Perfectly On Any Device Or Screen Size!

  • Fully Responsive Designs
  • Mobile Ready-Made Templates
  • Reduce Bounce Rate
  • Reach Millions Of Mobile Users
  • Boost Quiz Completion Rates

Explode your engagement with

Breakthrough Video Quizzes!

“Turn Any Videos into Powerful Video Quiz”

Turn people’s answers into 💸💸 with the

Dynamic Quiz Builder

Show specific questions, content or product suggestions based on people’s answers… and watch your sales go through the roof!

Capture Leads at Any Stage of the Quiz

Unlike other quiz creators, QuizTarget allows you to capture people’s emails at ANY stage of the quiz.

  • Ask for emails upfront to capture leads, even if they don’t finish your quiz
  • Ask for emails later in the quiz to reduce friction
  • Ask for emails after a certain question midway through your quiz
Keep Users Engaged With The Progress Tracking Bar
  • Proven to keep people engaged
  • Boost quiz competition rates
  • Customize the progress bar
  • Instantly grab attention with built-in placement feature
  • Edit color, size and much more!
Reward Quiz Takers With A Unique Point Scoring System
  • Give people a score for each correct response
  • Offer rewards for high scores
  • Provide training content for low scores
  • Reward people for completing the quiz
  • Make people feel smart or valued (and more likely to engage with your quiz!)
Gather killer intel with Powerful Polls
  • People love giving their opinions and seeing how they compare to others!
  • Create Text, Image or Video polls for quick and easy market research.
  • Users can see the results of the poll by giving you their email
Embed your quiz on Any Website!

Add your quiz to your website in seconds by pasting one line of auto-generated code wherever you want your quiz to appear!

  • Put it on a Time delay pop up, scroll bar, exit pop up, lightbox and more!
  • Works on any website with any site builder.
  • Make your quiz appear on the page after a certain time
  • Make your quiz appear based on your visitor’s behaviour!

Pro features save you even

URL Redirect

Send your audience to different URLs depending on their Quiz result. Redirect them to your Website, Sales Page, Affiliate Offer and more.

By showing the right content based on their answers, your conversions and sales will shoot sky high!

Add a Timer

Create scarcity and encourage people to finish the quiz. Choose from multiple timer layouts and designs!

GDPR Compliant Lead Generation

Stay protected with a built-in checkbox for GDPR which allows you to collect leads safely.

Boost engagement and optins by reassuring people their Data is protected.

Multiple Income Streams Built Into Each Quiz!

Earn more from YouTube views, affiliate offers or your own products as people engage with your Quiz.


Watch Your Quizzes Go Viral!

Quiz takers can share their results on Social sites, helping your quiz go viral overnight!

You can also share the overall quiz results to your social media too, helping you explode your traffic for free.


Powerful Reporting

Download reports in Excel, CSV format. Check CTA clicks, visits, drop-offs, completion rates, which Quiz flow working best and much more.

  • Optimize the Quiz Campaign and boost leads.
  • Reporting features will help to create Marketing decks, case studies etc.
  • Essential for any agency or freelancer who is working with clients

Clean Dashboard Keeps Everything Simple And Easy To Use

Login to create campaigns, check Campaign performance, view leads and download performance reports in a few simple clicks.

  • Easy to use
  • Quickly see what’s happening and save time
  • No learning curves

Personalize Quizzes with Your Branding

With this powerful feature you can add your Brand Logo to your Quiz.
Allowing you to build your Brand through Quizzes as your target audience takes your Quiz.



Killing Yourself Trying To Build A List The Hard Way!

No More

Creating free reports than nobody ever reads

No More

Spending tons of capital on Webinars that no one registers

No More

Giving away free lead magnets that don’t boost optins

Now You Can Instantly Create Quizzes That Build Your List And Boost Conversions Leading to Much Faster Business Growth Than You Ever Imagined!

There’s a reason why so many people are using quizzes to build their lists and make sales today… because it works like GANGBUSTERS.

You Don’t Know Anything About Creating Quizzes

Choose from dozens of ready-made niche quizzes, customize the design, drop in your own links and instantly publish anywhere on your website in seconds!

All the questions, flows, design and coding has already been done for you! Want to go deeper?

We’ve got Quick Start Training to help you take your quizzes to the next level whenever you’re ready, showing you how to map out quizzes that bring you more lead and profits fast!

You Don’t Know How To Get Traffic

Your users will share their results with their networks, sending you free viral traffic instead of paying hundreds for ads or blogging all day!

Simply “seed” the quiz by sharing it on Reddit or your Facebook groups and the rest is history!

You Don’t Have Any Capital

QuizTarget allows you to build highly targeted lists that you can promote your affiliate offers, own products or simply sell your leads to other people, starting immediately!

You don’t need to spend on ads or product development. Just share your quizzes on forums, social media, Reddit and even in your article bylines and watch the viral traffic take over as people share their results online.

You’re Not An “Authority” In Your Niche

With quizzes, you don’t have to be an expert or famous name in your niche.

People love taking quizzes and will happily give you their name and email to find out their personal results.

Then you can simply promote affiliate offers, sell the leads, or rent out your list to other experts all day long!

Did you know that the average quiz gets shared 1,900 times?!

Can you say the same about your latest video, article, infographic, free report or webinar?

Did you know the average quiz has a 78.6% optin rate?

Now you can build your list without needing to create free reports, run webinars or waste your valuable time doing critiques and consultations!

The more subscribers you have, the more sales you make!

And because you’re able to offer people targeted solutions based on their quiz answers, your sales can easily explode the moment you launch your first quiz!

There’s No EASIER Way To Get Traffic And Build Your List

Would you Rather?

Spend days writing 1500 word articles, begging for guest posts, slaving over social media, designing infographics and paying for ads…


Quickly create a viral, traffic-getting, lead-generating, sales-pumping quiz in minutes instead?

With QuizTarget, you’re about to tap into a world of easy leads and sales that you never knew existed.


More Than 200 Million Quizzes Are Taken Each Month…

Isn’t It Time You Tapped Into This TIDAL WAVE Of Free Traffic,
Easy Leads And Conversion?
With QuizTarget, it takes just 5 minutes to create a quiz that could triple your opt-ins overnight!

Remember, You’re Getting All the Upgrades of QuizTarget if You Choose the Exclusive Bundle Deal Today!


Not only will you get all the amazing features outlined above in QuizTarget front-end Commercial edition, but you’ll unlock all of the upgrades to QuizTarget everyone else will have to buy separately.

That includes all the special bonuses offered in each upgrade.

That’s a total value of $17488.00, which you’ll get for a special low one-time price today only.

With the Exclusive Bundle Deal You’re Getting…

QuizTarget(Commercial) Current Price = $47

  • 5 Website License Pack
  • Create Campaigns up to 30
  • Mindmap Designer
  • Drag-and-Drop Quiz Builder
  • Drag-and-Drop Custom Template Designer
  • Quiz Engagement Elements
  • Responsive Template Designs
  • Multiple Quiz Types - Multiple Choice Questions, True or False, Open Ended, Fill in the Blank
  • Run Poll Quizzes
  • Multiple Quiz Formats - Text Quiz, Image Quiz, GIF Quiz + Audio Quiz, Video Quiz
  • Design Custom Forms
  • GDPR Compliant Lead Generation
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Social Sharing - End Results
  • URL Redirect
  • Quiz Progress Tracking Bar
  • Quiz Points/ Scoring System
  • Campaign Performance Reports
  • Marketing Automation - Integrations (Mailchimp, GetResponse, and many more...)
  • Capture Leads at Any Stage of the Quiz
  • Setup 2-Step Autoresponder Optin
  • Monetize Active Traffic
  • Custom Quiz Placement
  • Dynamic Quiz Builder - Logic Branching
  • Leads Segmentation
  • Bonus 1: Remove QuizTarget Watermark and Add Branding to Quizzes (Logo, Brands Colors and more...)
  • Bonus 2: Quick Start Training Material to Frame Quizzes
  • Bonus 3: More Quiz Engagement Elements - Add Timer, CTA Options, Headers, Footers, Background Music, and much more…
  • Bonus 4: Video Quiz Builder
  • Bonus 5: DFY Campaigns (Ready to Publish)
  • Bonus 6: Templates
  • Bonus 7: Commercial Rights Included

QuizTarget (Agency)
Current Price = $197

  • DFY Website Setup
  • DFY Website with Paypal Checkout.
  • DFY FB & Google Ads Suite for Agency Promotion.
  • DFY Web Banners for Agency Promotion.
  • DFY Swipes for Agency Promotion.
  • DFY Legal Contract Format for Agency Promotion.
  • DFY Client Proposal PPT for Agency.
  • Login As Facebook / Google User.
  • Quiz Target Hosted URL
  • Member/Client Login Access (Add Team Members/ Client)
  • Create Campaigns
  • Mindmap Designer
  • My convert Lab
  • Zapier
  • Facebook Pixel Integration
  • Google Tag Manager Integration
  • Auto Scheduling
  • Leadlock Pro
  • A/B Testing
  • Points/ Scoring System
  • Reports
  • Commercial Rights Included
  • Bonus 1: Easily Access To Clients through Lead Finder Tool
  • Bonus 2: Approach To Crucial Clients using Appointment Scheduling App

QuizTarget (Pro)
Current Price = $97

  • 50 DFY Campaigns (Ready to Publish)
  • 20 DFY Templates (Ready to Use)
  • Unlimited Website License Pack
  • Create Unlimited Campaigns
  • Bonus 1: Auto Scheduling
  • Bonus 2: Zapier
  • Bonus 3: My convert Lab
  • Bonus 4: Add Quiz Button to Website (Sticky Side Button, Floating Bottom Button, Floating Button with an Image, Floating Popup with left-right)
  • Bonus 5: Leadlock Pro

QuizTarget (Reseller License)
Current Price = $497

  • Pocket 100% profit of each sale!
  • Rebrand & sell the QuizTarget software as your own!
  • Sell at any price you want
  • Manage customers via your reseller dashboard!
  • Get full tech support 24/7 from QuizTarget team
  • Start making sales fast with ready-made promo materials!
  • DFY Blog Post Formats To Get More Traffic (BONUS-1-$1249)
  • Insanity Traffic in 30 Minutes (BONUS-2-$1049)
  • Traffic Secrets Revealed (BONUS-3-$949)

Plus, You Get These Amazing Fast-Action Bonuses If You Buy Today Only…

These are thousands of dollars worth of bonuses, but yours absolutely FREE when you buy QuizTarget right now!

An Exclusive Guide that Makes Quiz Framing Easy! ($299)

Creating lead generating quizzes are now a child’s play! Yes, you read that correct! We have unlocked a special training bonus for you that will guide to framing engaging quizzes super easy!

The bonus comes with 3 features that will make your quiz creation time saving and interactive. You have exclusive access to this amazing bonus which will guide you on how to frame engaging lead generation quizzes for your campaign.

50 Whitelabel DFY High-Quality Lead Magnets ($457)

Lead magnets are the fastest way to build a list, and now you'll get 50 solid lead magnets in the B2B niche to start integrating into your Quizzes and build your or your client's lists with.

Local FB Reviewer App ($749)

Facebook is giving huge importance to reviews and page ratings now. In fact, if your Facebook reviews are low or negative your ads cost will significantly rise. Help your clients take advantage of this and get more customers to their business with Facebook reviews and this amazing software.

Reseller Rights to Viral Mobilio ($1259)

One of its kind of app that truly utilizes the power of mobile messenger apps, that have 90-95% open rate and a very specific and proven mind hack to deliver amazing results in any niche and any product you can think of.

So why wait?

QuizTarget Is Guaranteed To
Get You Results, Or It’s Free!

  • Works for any niche
  • Works for any business model
  • Works for anyone, at any skill level
And if you’re not entirely AMAZED by the list-building power of QuizTarget, then you pay nothing!

Try QuizTarget for 14 Days, Risk Free!


We’re 100% convinced you’re going to love how easy you can create list building, viral quizzes with QuizTarget in minutes…

But if you don’t agree, we’re offering you a full 14-day return-policy guarantee!

There’s nothing to lose.

The Most Powerful List Building, Viral Quiz Builder Tool You’ll Ever Own!

Choose your license and let’s get started!



  • Website License Pack
  • Create Campaigns
  • Mindmap Designer
  • Drag-and-Drop Quiz Builder
  • Drag-and-Drop Custom Template Designer
  • Add Quiz Engagement Elements
  • Responsive Template Designs
  • Multiple Quiz Types
  • Design Custom Forms
  • GDPR Compliant Lead Generation
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Social Sharing - End Results
  • Run Polls
  • URL Redirect
  • Quiz Progress Tracking Bar
  • Points/ Scoring System
  • Reports
  • Add Timer
  • Marketing Automation
  • Integrations (Mailchimp, GetResponse & many more…)
  • Capture Leads at Any Stage of the Quiz
  • Transition Effects
  • Monetize Active Traffic
  • Custom Quiz Placement
  • DFY Campaigns
  • Templates
  • Commercial Rights Included
  • Video Quiz Builder
  • Add Branding (Logo, Watermarks)
  • Fast-Action Bonuses
  • Quick Start Training Material
Total Value - $297
QuizTarget 2021 Commercial





  • Access to all Features of QuizTarget Commercial
  • QuizTarget Pro Access Included
  • QuizTarget Agency Access Included
  • QuizTarget Whitelabel Access Included
  • DFY Campaigns Included
  • 30+ High converting Templates Included
  • Plus All Bonuses All Products in the Funnel
  • Knowledge Base & Tutorials
  • No Monthly Or Hidden Fees
Total Value - $8997
QuizTarget Bundle


98% of Customers Chose This.
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What Others Say About Us

QuizTarget is super BRILLIANT!

“Our business had been lacking leads for more than a year despite having better products than the competitors.

Now, we are able to engage our targeted customers with interactive quizzes and pitch right products to right customers.

Thanks to QuizTarget, the results have been mindboggling – a boost of up to 78% in lead generation for our local business! “



Lead generation has become so easy! Thanks QuizTarget

“Before I went for QuizTarget, I was shelling so many dollars to agencies for lead generation for my Dental services. But hardly got any results! And then, QuizTarget changed all for me for better!

I ran a lead generation quiz campaign on social media. Using QuizTarget’s video quiz builder technology I deployed a video dental quiz on Facebook and Instagram. And it instantly went viral, getting me hot leads for my dental clinic. Frankly I was overbooked with the dental appointments! “



Make more out of QuizTarget Commercial Rights

  • Generate and sell leads to clients
  • Sell or rent out complete quiz campaigns to clients
  • Create unlimited quizzes with unlimited clients
  • Make more for yourself offering this in demand service today!
  • Launch your first real business
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Groundbreaking Quiz Creator

Create any type of quiz you can imagine in under 5 minutes with no design skills or coding.


Done for You Quiz Templates

Plug n’ play quizzes that are proven to bring in subscribers, leads and sales like never before.


Huge Media Library

Customize your quizzes with images, graphics and video to boost engagement and grow your list faster than ever.


Quiz Mindmap Designer

Map out your quizzes with drag and drop designer to plan perfect flows that convert like crazy!


Quiz Engagement Boosters

Add a variety of Quiz engagement boosting elements & effects including timers, CTA’s, transition effects, sound, stickers, emojis, GIFs, headers, footers & images from our built-in media library


Video Quiz Builder

Explode your engagement with breakthrough Video Quizzes! Ask questions via video and have people answer on the screen.


Unlimited Support

Fully supported technology that will never break, plus a dedicated friendly team to help you get the most out of this awesome tool!


Step by Step Training

We’ll show you how to build epic quizzes for your niche that build your list and make you easy sales, day after day!


Powerful Dashboard

Segment leads, create in-depth reports and so much more, from one clean and simple dashboard.


Commercial License

Sell quiz services to unlimited clients!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a beginner friendly tool?

Yes, QuizTarget app is newbie friendly. No technical skills required.

No design skills required. Even if you are a newbie, you’ll be able to create your first Quiz Campaign in a few clicks under 5 minutes.

We are also giving a quizTarget tutorial video which will help you set up your first Quiz Campaign.

How can I decide the right questions and frame quizzes using QuizTarget?

QuizTarget comes with Done-For-You Quiz Campaigns. You can simply select the most suitable Quiz Campaign from the dashboard, edit it as per your needs and publish it right away.

If you still want to frame quizzes from scratch, then use our step-by-step training guide that you’ll be getting with your Commercial License only. This guide will show you how to ask the right questions that engage your target audience.

Do you offer support and training?

Yes, you can see our support link at the bottom of this page. We offer full support and training. Our team is here for you, 24/7.

Does it work on MacOS or Windows OS?

QuizTarget is a cloud-based SaaS app. So no installation needed. Just login to your online QuizTarget account and start working.

Does it work on any website and any niche?

Yes, it works on any website. Be it Wordpress or PHP or any other website, QuizTarget works on all. You can also share Quiz URL onto social media and start getting viral traffic and leads.
Yes, QuizTarget also works for any niche.

It works for E-Commerce, Health and Fitness, Local Business, Automobile, Digital Marketing Services, Education and Training, Video Marketers and many more niches…

How is this better than other lead generation tools?

QuizTarget comes with an advanced Quiz Logic Branching feature allowing you to offer the most suitable products/ promotional schemes to your Quiz takers based on their responses. You can also segment your audience based onto their responses. Plus, there are so many powerful features.

All of these amazing features are available for just a one-time price. Unlike others there are no monthly fees.