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Are You An Agency Or Planning To Start One?

Upgrade Now To Secure Your Own QuizTaregt AI

Done For You Agency Pack!

  • Done for You Agency
    Business Setup Worth of $8,747
  • Get Access to Our Secret Client Lead Finder Tool
  • Get Access to Client Appointment Scheduling App
  • Share Quiz Funnels & Campaigns directly with Clients
  • Manage Clients & Your Teams with Agency Dashboard

(Real-Life Value $8,747!)

Yours right now for just ONE-TIME PAYMENT…

Retail Price - $297

Today's Special Prize - Just $47

Upgrade To QuizTarget AI Agency Pack NOW!

Get Everything You Need To Kickstart Your Own Lead Generation Agency That
Allows You To Sell Hot Leads To Biz Owners For Quick And Easy Paychecks!


(Real-Life Value $8,747!)

Now you can use QuizTarget AI to generate RED
for business owners every single
day… and collect some of the Easiest Cash
You’ll Ever See Online!

Your agency pack gives you a license to print money…

… jam packed with everything you need to launch your own unstoppable lead gen agency that captures leads for biz owners…

… and allows you to sell those leads for big bucks!

Don’t want to sell leads?


Then use your Agency License Pack to Offer Quiz Creation Services, Quiz Publishing Services and Lead Generation Services to clients who are hungry for buyer traffic and qualified leads.
And watch those Juicy Paychecks Start Rolling in!

Seriously, If You Can’t Get This to Work… In Your Spare Time…
Then Online Marketing Is NOT For You!



Because we’ve done all the hard work for you…

… so you can set up your own profitable lead gen agency tonight…

… using QuizTarget AI to generate the leads for you…

… or providing a “done for you” quiz building service to clients instead…

… without any of the usual hassles or costs.

Take a look at this…

Here’s Everything You’re Getting Inside
Your Ready-To-Profit Lead Gen Agency
Pack Right Now…

DFY Website with Paypal Checkout

We’ve built you a complete lead generation agency website, ready for you to go live and start collecting orders today!

new Real-Life Value: $3000

DFY Website Setup

We’ll even set up your website for you, customized and branded, ready for you to launch your agency tonight.

new Real-Life Value: $599

Done For You Facebook and Google Ads!

We’ve created all your Facebook Ads and Google Ads for you, so all you have to do is set them live and watch the clicks and clients come rolling in!

You’ll get our killer Facebook and Google Ads Creative and Ad Copy, all done for you, saving you hours of work and heaps of cash on copywriters and designers!

These ads are fully editable. Add your Brand Name, Logo and website URL, then run them on Facebook and Google to start getting paying customers faster than ever!

new Real-Life Value: $700

DFY Swipes

Use these email swipes to instantly promote your new agency to your list, or to other people’s lists as a JV deal. Or simply give them to your affiliates or freelancers to drive leads to your door night and day!

new Real-Life Value: $1200

DFY Client Proposal PPTs

Win new clients with a professional, engaging and persuasive proposal presentation that explains what you do, why you do it and what it will do for the client.

Record as a sales video for YouTube or your website, or use face-to-face with prospects and watch the bookings roll in!

new Real-Life Value: $750

Plus… you’re getting these two powerful
apps to win clients fast and easy…


Our Top-Secret Client Lead Finder Tool!

new Real-Life Value: $1000

Want to find hot new clients for your quiz agency in minutes from now? Then you’ll love this powerful tool!

This is our secret weapon for finding local biz owners who are desperate for some red hot leads right now… and will happily pay you big bucks for them! Then simply use QuizTarget AI to generate those leads fast and cheap!


You can even use this tool to find clients who would KILL for their own quiz to be set up on their social accounts or website. Use your QuizTarget AI Agency license to create quizzes for them in seconds… another easy income stream


Client Appointment Scheduling App

new Real-Life Value: $1000

Book sales calls, team meetings and other client meetings with this professional, powerful scheduling app.

Stay organized, look professional and make sure you never miss an important meeting with prospects or existing clients!

See What I Mean? How Can You Possibly Fail
With All Of This Done For You?

In the past, starting an online agency was HARD WORK…

… and would cost you thousands to get off the ground.

Now, we’ve done all the work for you…

… and we’re even giving you the tools to GET CLIENTS FAST AND FREE…

… and DELIVER AWESOME RESULTS FOR THEM… even if you have no clue what you’re doing or never made a dime online before!

It really doesn’t get any easier.
Oh, wait, yes it does because…

Upgrade Now And You’ll Also Unlock These
Essential FEATURES To Help You Run Your
Agency Like A BOSS…

Team Member Access

Invite up to 10 members of your team to collaborate on your quiz projects for clients and choose the level of access for each team member. It has never been easier to manage your team and scale your lead gen agency profits!


Unlimited Mindmap Designs

Create unlimited mindmap designs for your campaigns so that you can map out endless quiz campaigns and show them to your clients, without restrictions.


Let’s Recap

Your DFY Agency Pack includes:

DFY Website with Paypal Checkout
Real-life value: $5000
DFY Website Setup
Real-life value: $599
DFY FB Ads Suite
Real-life value: $350
DFY Web Banners
Real-life value: $199
DFY Google Ads Suite
Real-life value: $350
DFY Swipes
Real-life value: $1200
DFY Legal Contract Format
Real-life value: $299
DFY Client Proposal PPTs
Real-life value: $750

That’s A Total Value Of $8,747!

Plus, you’re also getting all these incredible tools and extra unlocked features to help you crush it with your agency starting tonight…

Our Top-Secret Client Lead Finder Tool

Client Appointment Scheduling App

Team Member Access

Unlimited Client Login Access

Unlimited Mindmap Designs

Share Quiz Funnels & Quiz Campaigns

Yours right now for just ONE-TIME PAYMENT…

Retail Price - $297

Today's Special Prize - Just $47

Yep, that’s right…

a teeny, tiny little investment for all of this, don’t you think?

In fact, you’ll save $8,650 when you snap up your Agency Pack on this page… before the clock hits zero.

And after that?

It’s gone… forever.

(Or at best… it will only be available for a few thousand bucks, on rare occasions.)

Just Imagine What It Would Be Like Having Your Own Lead Generation Agency Collecting Easy Paychecks?!


You’d be in huge demand…

… because quizzes are on FIRE right now.
You’d make money fast…

… because QuizTarget AI does all the creative hard work for you.

And you’d be able to attract clients on demand…

… with your client-finding tool, plus the ready-made Facebook and Google ads, you’ll be able to find real leads and start making sales instantly!

With Your Agency Package, You Can Literally Launch A Money-Making Business Overnight!

No guesswork

No hard-work

Save $8,650 on freelancers, licenses and other costs

Create a lucrative income stream helping biz owners get red hot leads today!


If you’re looking for a solid, stable and predictable income stream that won’t get shut down or go out of fashion… this is it.

The perfect side hustle or weekend goldrush that will cover those bills, rent and maybe even a few lavish vacations? Who knows? Only one way to find out…

… and that’s by taking action!

Because when you do…

… I’m willing to bet that you’ll soon see how easy you can get clients for free…

… deliver amazing results to them…

… and get paid wads of easy cash…

… all in just minutes per day!

(Real-life value $8,747!)

Yours right now for just ONE-TIME PAYMENT…

Retail Price - $297

Today's Special Prize - Just $47


Frequently Asked Questions

new Will starting my own lead generating agency be easy for me?

Yes, now starting your very own lead generation agency will be dead easier with our QuizTarget AI Agency Pack!

Because with this upgrade you are getting everything that you need to start your own profitable agency, new customers and sales.

It’s a complete Done-for-You Agency Business Setup model. 100% newbie friendly!

new What will the DFY (Done-For-You) Website do for my business?

The Done-For-You Website comes with Paypal payment gateway integration

, allowing you to accept your client payments. It also comes with readymade SEO optimized website content.

All you have to do is add your logo and brand name. That’s it!

We are even helping you setup your website and giving you all the promotional material which will help get traffic, leads and sales.

new How can I share quiz funnels and campaigns without restrictions?

You can also share Quiz Campaigns built in your account with any other QuizTarget AI users with just one click using our Quiz Campaign Sharing feature.

All you have to do is hit the share button and you will get a Campaign URL which you can pass it on to other QuizTarget AI users and it will ask them to import the campaign as it is.

new I wish to invite Team Members to collaborate on quiz campaigns - is it possible?

Yes, you get to invite up to 10 Team members to work together on your clients’ quiz projects and choose their access level.

Yours right now for just ONE-TIME PAYMENT…

Retail Price - $297

Today's Special Prize - Just $47

[no thanks, I don’t want a complete Agency handed to me on a silver platter, with everything I
need to land new clients today, run my agency the easy way, and make serious bank selling hot
leads to biz owners every day… I’ll pass]