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Add the monthly Done For Your quiz campaigns and templates pack to your order and you’ll receive 4 new quiz campaigns and 4 new quiz templates to use in your marketing every month!

Plus, you are getting a chance to…

Suggest New Template Design Ideas


You can Suggest New Template Design Ideas and
QuizTarget team will give high priority to your inputs.

Based on your suggestions we’ll design a highly engaging quiz template which will help you maximize your Quiz results in no time!

It means you will get a professionally designed template each month… helping you save even more time and make even more money with quizzes!

Check out what you are getting with your… QuizTarget Done-For-You Pack


Done For You Quiz Campaigns

Enjoy our freshest, 4 new done-for-you campaigns that are designed to build your list like crazy and turn quiz takers into cash!

Our 4 new quiz campaigns will be added to your dashboard each month, allowing you to…

  • Save time trying to think up new campaign ideas and quizzes
  • Instantly launch new quiz campaigns within minutes - we’ve done all the work!
  • Test new campaigns for your audiences to see which builds your list fastest!
  • Tap into money-making goldmines you never knew existed!

Quiz Templates Every Month!

You’ll also receive 4 new professionally designed templates for your quiz campaign each month.

With these done-for-you template designs, you can…

  • Keep your quizzes looking fresh and on-trend with 4 new quiz templates designed and loaded into your account each month.
  • Save even more time with ready-made templates that are designed by the experts!
  • Engage your visitors with eyeball grabbing designs they can’t ignore
  • Keep people engaged with new quiz designs they haven’t seen before
  • Perfect if you have multiple websites or offers and need different quiz designs for each one!

For Very Limited Time

We Are Giving 2 More Fast-Action Bonuses
With Quiztarget Done-For-You Pack

Exclusive Quiz Transition Effects ($297)

Never lose even a single lead with these Transition Effects!

With this bonus, you are getting an exclusive quiz transition effects – a deal that you won’t get elsewhere!

With these Exclusive Quiz Transition Effects Start Engaging Your Audiences like never before!


The attractive quiz transition effects will make its presence felt for you by capturing the attention of your users quickly. This way, they will engage with your quizzes, and you will be able to generate leads and pitch your products conveniently.

This One-Time Offer easily will keep you one step ahead of your competitors in arresting the attention of your audience like crazy. The results? Boost in Engagement, Qualified Leads and Supersonic Sales will be yours!


Video To GIF Suite ($349)

Make the most of your Videos with this awesome Bonus. It is a sure shot way to Boost Engagements in Quizzes!!!

Video to GIF module Converts Any Video into an Attention Grabbing GIF. These GIF's can be used in Quizzes to Boost Engagement.

Gets Ready in 3 Simple Steps-

Step #1 - Upload a Video

Step #2 - Select start time and end time

Step #3 - Create and download Your GIF

Once done, upload it to your QuizTarget Campaigns and Start Getting Viral Traffic with GIF Quizzes.

Let’s recap…

Upgrade To Quiztarget Done-For-You
Pack Right Now And You’re Getting:

  • 4 New High-Converting Quiz Campaigns Every Month
  • 4 New Professionnally Designed Templates Every Month
  • Suggest 1 New Templates Design Every Month
  • Exclusive Quiz Transition Effects ($297)
  • Video To GIF Suite ($349)

These Ready-Made Campaigns And Templates
Would Take You Days To Design From Scratch…

Or At Least $150 To Outsource!

And it would be worth it…

… because having these fresh new templates and campaigns will allow you to constantly launch new quizzes that continue to stand out and never get old in your niche.

Plus, you’ll be able to test different designs and different quizzes, to squeeze every last dollar out of your campaigns!

Plus, On A Regular Day These Fast-Action Bonuses
Will Cost You Thousands Of Dollars

But Today, You Don’t Have To Pay Thousands
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Because today you’re getting 4 ready-made templates and 4 ready-made quiz campaigns for just $9 per month instead!

Seriously… just $9 and all these ready-made quiz templates and campaigns are yours, every month…

saving you heaps of time and money… and allowing you to continue getting EPIC results with regular new quizzes your audience hasn’t seen before.

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Frequently Asked Questions

new Can I skip this deal for now and come back later to buy?

No, this is one time only deal. Chances are that this offer may be pulled back and never be available again! You may also see its cost being bumped to $150 per month.

new Can I test multiple quiz flows and template designs to see which campaign builds the fastest list?

Yes, that’s possible! You get to test numerous quiz designs using A/B testing features available under QuizTarget Pro License. It lets you know which template design or which quiz flow builds your list the fastest.

new Are these Done-For-You designs and quiz flows designed to boost opt-ins and conversions?

Yes, noted Industry Experts designed these Quiz flows and template designs. These will undoubtedly help you boost your Opt-ins and conversions.

new How many template designs can I suggest each month?

You can suggest only 1 template design each month. The best template design will be selected across other entries submitted by users.

Buy NOW or Lose FOREVER!




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